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Healthy Signs

Scarlet Macaw is a beautiful parrot and people love keeping them as a pet. Beside their active and playful nature they might fall for different types of  diseases that we should always keep an eye for.

scarlet macaw front and back

Signs of a healthy Macaw :

  • Eyes  A healthy macaw eyes are free of discharge, redness, swelling or photosensitivity.
  • Respiration  Breathing should be smooth and calm without any noise, respiratory rate should be around 20-25 breath/min. Panting and heavily breathing from mouth could be a sign of overheating.
  • Nostrils They should be free from any kind of nasal discharge and frequent sneezing.
  • Skin Although their skin is covered with a lot of feathers it is an overall vital organ of their body, their skin should be free of inflammation, redness, swelling or bleeding.
  • Feeding habits Healthy macaw should be eating and drinking normally, any changes could be a sign of an underlying problem, a sick macaw might stay near food bowl and not be eating or drinking.
  • Feathers An adult parrot feathers should look clean, soft, flexible and should not feel dry or coarse as dry feather might indicate humidity problem. Plucking of feathers could be due to itchy skin caused by nutritional deficiency.
  • Weight Their average weight is about 900-1560g, any significant amount of  weight gain or loss should be monitored as it could be an Indication of some possible downside.
  • Good physical state Characteristics of a healthy macaw shows normal physical condition having bright colors and cheerful appearance.
  • Healthy bird excrement's/droppings Healthy parrot poop is firm and free of odor, thus if you detect any change in smell, color or consistency then evaluate it asap. It can be a symptom of some possible problem. However poop color might change according to the food they had eaten which is absolutely normal.
  • Attentive behavior  A healthy macaw is fully oriented and familiar to his surroundings, any loss of interest or lethargy may indicate hidden health problem.
  • Vent/Cloaca Cloaca is an opening to a bird excretory and reproductive system, it should be clean, dry and free of fecal matter, any discharge or swelling.
  • Beak Healthy macaw beak should be free from any deformity or changes in shape. Any excessive saliva or flaking of beak might indicate illness. Their bill must look clean and free of coating.
We love our pets and we want them to see as healthy and fit as possible. So it is recommended to go for an annual veterinarian checkup to ensure your parrots health.



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